Our videos

We don't take video clips of every show or every act, but now and then, we'll put a short reel together  . . . the content of the video just depends on the video quality, background noise and time available to put it together and so not everyone can always be included.

6 May 2024 - Sonning Common Food Market

On May Bank Holiday, 11 local acts from Peppard Unplugged provided non-stop entertainment at the Food Market:. Performances by Graham Swannell, Paul Grant, Robert Buttrick, Krtin King, Hugh Spalding, Sara Daniels and Luke, Undercurrent, Jonny Bidgood, Out on Licence and One Lump ro Two. 

Winter 2024

January 2024 featuring Naked Without It with:   Sara Daniels, Searching for Autumn, Bruce Gomersall, Vagabond, Rod McCrae, Jane Carroll and Medlar Jam.  Our 10th Anniversary show!

February 2024 featuring Jess Tuthill with: The Hiker, Ian Freedman, corde du jour, Chris Albery-Jones, Dave Norgrove, Undercurrent and Paul Grant.  Special feature : Jess Tuthill receives her award!

Autumn 2023 featuring Out on Licence and Ryewolf with: 

November: Out on Licence, Jess Tuthill, Laura Cherry, Moonlight Foxes, Riverine, Robert Buttrick  and Steve Donnelly.

December: Ryewolf,  Dr Thealegood, Last Minute Returns, Malcolm Smith, Mark Ashworth, Savour the Flavour and Tim Shez.

October 2023 featuring Cloudcat

with Meddling Foxes,  Kevin Bull, Ben Lawrance, Harlequin with guest Amanda Shora, Ben Smith, Undercurrent and Naked Without It 

September 2023 featuring Pip Collings and Paul Vile

with Steve Daniels, Chip Shop Chaps, Paul Grant , The Noisy Parkers , T Bone Marmaduke and the Massive Gamble, Mike Tuffery and Lynne Reynolds.

Summer 2023 featuring Tomorrow Bird and StEm

with: (June) Furlong,  Den Miller, Sarah Knowles, Mark Ashworth, Last Minute Returns, Harlequin and Martin Wood

(July) Vagabond, Christina Hogg, Panic Man Dan, Dr Thealegood, Riverine, Colours and Fires and The Rural Broadband.

Spring 2023 featuring Savour the Flavour and ARCK

with: (April) Undercurrent,  Andy Mathewson, Bruce Gomersall, Wherewithal, Rod Macrae, Medlar Jam, Steve Daniels and  Steve Donnelly

(May) Panic Man Dan , Jane Carroll, Wickenwood, Malcolm Smith, Paula Tait, DaKe Pa, David Fenner and  Jess Tuthill. 

March 2023 featuring Band of Hope

with: Mike Tuffery,  Chris Hawes & Jon Clifton,  Alex Routledge ,  Dave King , Vagabond,  The Odd Numbers and Pip Collings & Paul Vile

February 2023 featuring The Rural Broadband

with: Da KePa, John Short, The Hiker, Dave King, Steve Daniels, Injured Brother, Simon Meakin, and Andy Mathewson

January  2023 featuring Scampy

with: Christina Hogg, Sara Daniels, Kevin Bull, Sarah Knowles, Ben Lawrance, Phil Garvey, Bruce Gomershall and Laura Cherry.

December 2022 featuring Tomorrow Bird

with:  Mike Tuffery, Malcolm Smith,  Dave King, Stu Weetman, Robert Buttrick, Meddling Foxes, Paula Tait and Steve Daniels.