Peppard's artists

Here is a selection of people from previous shows at Peppard Unplugged, in no particular order . . . . . .

Tomorrow Bird is an award-winning acoustic music duo who sing of hope, love, loss, courage and empowerment; creating stories and melodies rendered all the more poignant by the duo’s rich vocals and seamless harmonies. (Photo credit: Mike Tufffery

Band of Hope grew up from the cracks in the pavement on Croft Road in Wallingford and sing songs about love, loss, hope, skinheads and power stations.

The band consists of Tom Crook Paul Whitty, Drew Milloy, Ben Smith, Matt Allwright and Tom Fenner.

Paula Tait is a singer, harpist, songwriter and translator of folk songs from around the world. She is (hopefully) the only harpist ever to appear live on BBC1’s Crimewatch, playing on an example of a stolen harp. 

Scampy is a polished harmony duo singing original material and multi-genre covers from the ‘60s to the present day. Their engaging presence brings a positive energy and smiles to the faces of both young and old. (Photo credit ?)

Cloudcat is a progressive alt-rock band made up of vocalist/guitarist Jamie Ryan, vocalist Emma Male, bassist Chris Male and drummer Craig Lewis. They have an uplifting, original and melodic sound with a strong focus on vocal harmonies and dynamic guitar. A band that pride themselves on their energetic and soulful live performances.  

Naked Without It comprises two very talented singer songwriters; Tony Pooley and Martin Kennedy, who originally got together in the 1990s. ‘Real life’ then took over with Tony and Martin going their separate ways. Martin forged a successful career in music as a session guitarist and music teacher and with Tony, releasing two albums, four Eps and a couple of singles. Listen on Spotify

StEm's lead singer, Emma Baldwin is  known for her amazing voice.  With a perfect blend of guitar and vocals, you will not be disappointed with your first listen! 

T Bone Marmaduke and the Massive Gamble are purveyors of rousin' Americana from South Gully, deep in the back woods of The Wild West Country.  Give them a gig 'howdy' welcome to our lil' ole Oxfordahire stage ! See Mixcloud, Spotify and YouTube. 

 Chris Albery-Jones is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing music for 30+ years in a wide range of bands - from punk to big band, funk to folk. He currently performs original material, landing somewhere in the vicinity of folk/rock/pop. 

Dave Norgrove is a singer/songwriter, best described as Indie folk. He played in a couple of well established New wave/Indie bands in the 80's and 90's,and if you listen carefully, you can still hear that vibe! Check him out on all streaming platforms, including Spotify.

corde du jour is James (guitar, vocals) and Debbie (cello), who create intricate arrangements of folk and acoustic music from artists such as Nick Drake, Niel Gow and The Beatles. Cello and guitar complement each other beautifully with a low key sensitivity.

Chip Shop Chaps is a crazy funky musical group made up of saxophones and a super cool drummer! We love 'em!

 Bouzouki Bellows! is a new band playing Irish and Celtic music with songs from Sara Daniels. The line up is: Sara Daniels on concertina, vocals and guitar, Paul Hancock on Uillean pipes and whistles and award winning musician, Mark T. on bouzouki and bodhran.

Alex Seel is an award winning contemporary singer-songwriter with influences from blues, pop and the British Folk Revival guitarists but a sound all his own with a beautifully crafted, rootsy song-writing style, thought-provoking lyrics and finger-picked acoustic guitar trait.  

Paul Johnson, at the age of 19 Paul spent a year torturing his parents as he slowly learned to play the banjo.  What followed was 50 years of performing with ‘Peter, Paul & Mary’s brother’.  Now he has embarked on a solo career and is 84 gigs into his Star Trek Tour.  

Tom Poslett has perfected his accomplished narrative songs and his 6 and 12-string guitar work over more than 20 albums, Tom’s songs date back to his roots on the Bristol folk scene. 

Also: YouTube 

 Den Miller brings us strong melodies, catchy sing-along choruses and intelligent lyrics.. Den shares an unusual viewpoint that entertains and is thought-provoking, to make connections between situations and events that seem to be unconnected.  

Martin Wood is a blues singer and player par excellence, either solo or with his band, The Rag and Moan Men. Blues, Folk, Roots, Americana and a little bit of Jazz from the North Hants Delta.  (Photo: Martin Wackenier)

Pip Collings and Paul Vile  make a welcome return to the stage performing their classic songs and covers, sung by Pip and with beautiful guitar accompaniment from Paul.

Jess Tuthill is a singer-songwriter from Reading. She plays original material, taking inspiration from her surroundings, which regularly including television and computer games… For the last 8 years, her instrument of choice has been the ukulele, mainly so she can feel like a giant when she plays.  

Wickenwood is a husband and wife indie-folk duo comprising Phil and Deborah Marshall. Their sound is based around harmony driven vocals, with contemporary influences, and their song writing draws inspiration from the legends and folklore of the people and places they visit. 

Lynne Reynolds has been singing all her life. She got her first guitar at the age of 11 and has spent the last 40 years making music in Tudor Lodge, with the wonderful John Stannard who is sadly now with us only in spirit. But the music must go on. (Psst ... she runs the Boars Bridge Festival). 

Mark Ashworth  is an award winning songwriter, singer and musician, performing his own and other people's songs, rooted in the broad folk tradition accompanying himself on guitar and bouzouki/octave mandolin,  

Tim Shez delivers delicate and intimate songs which draw you in and take you along with him. Tim’s disarmingly honest lyrics and melodies over acoustic guitars, strings and atmospheric vocal layers create a unique and often emotional sound, lingering with the listener long after the songs have ended. 

Mathew P-B has been writing songs for more than 40 years, and occasionally gets it right. Home-spun pop-folk-indie-rock-and-back-to-pop-again nuggets coming atcha from the heart of . . .  umm, Didcot. 

Mrs Lum plays primarily covers of indie/folk songs you may or may not know, all somewhere on the scale between soulful and silly."  

Mike Tuffery is the man with the big voice and a vast repertoire of songs, including his own.  Also in Ryewolf and The Rural Broadband. Also performed and recorded with WolfNote.

George Parker  brings us both covers and his own original songs. He loves to perform and write pop/rock music and is seen regularly in the local at pubs and at other events. Often plays with his trio, The Noisy Parkers, being his brother Laurie on bass, and Dad on cajon.. 

Last Minute Returns, is David and Mike who perform nuanced folk and acoustic music: original, traditional and covers. David’s unique voice combines sensitivity and authority whilst Mike brings an array of acoustic instruments and accompaniment. 

Searching for Autumn is an acoustic duo playing original music, with haunting melodies and lyrics guaranteed to capture the audience's ear. See also Spotify.   

Colours and Fires is an Acoustic Indie folk band with Sophie Sheehan. Performing songs that will make you listen and sounds which will make you think. Their songs give an insight of a personal transformation across genders and relationships. They are active supporters of LGBT+ equality, specifically around transgender rights.  

Dr Thealegood comprises Tony, Iain, Rob and James. As well as running the much loved 'TWUMP' unplugged folk event in Theale, the Doctors' perform their own arrangements of traditional folk and acoustic guitar-driven songs that have inspired them from the sixties onwards.  

Steve Daniels is an exceptional singer-songwriter  -  such interesting lyrics.  You can hear him on Spotify!

Savour the Flavour who play polky, poppy, acoustiky music for polky people.  They concentrate on their own compositions but also play a lot of polky cover songs that you will know .

You can see their entire 'feature' set on YouTube, launching their new collection at Peppard in May 2023.

The Odd Numbers is a local trio from Sonning Common with Nick Stacey Simon Hill and Guy Champion. All three of them live in odd numbered houses, and on the same side of the street. How’s that for a coincidence! Expanding the band beyond a trio has proved difficult, given the strict recruitment criteria. 

Ben Smith is host of open mic night The Acoustic Ballroom. Injured Brother plays original tunes built on loops of guitar and violin. Ben is also in Band of Hope.

Vagabond is a combination from Fay Freemantle and Kevin Bull, so expect some different takes from when you've seen them either solo or in other bands - just the sort of 'try out' Peppard loves to host 

Ryewolf is a folk band bringing classic songs of the sea as well as their own songs.  Think foot-stomping, hand clapping and dancing!  Features Michael Tuffery, Ian Freedman, Spencer Brooks and Bogdan  Dobraszczyk (on his self-made mandolas - orders welcome!).

Undercurrent  is a Reading-based trio performing thought-provoking material drawn from multiple sources – traditional, contemporary singer-songwriter, Americana and rock. Featuring guitar, concertina, mandola, mandolin and more.

The Rural Broadband is Robert Buttrick, Fay Freemantle and Mike Tuffery, giving us a mix songs of love, lust, and parting. Seen at Bunkfest,  GAP Festival, GSMC's Acoustic Cafe and other venues in the area. 

Out on Licence was conceived at Peppard with three musicians coming together to make very different to music to that which each would do on their own. Includes Kevin Bull, Dave Taylor and  Paul Steel.

Steve Donnelly has been singing and playing the guitar for most of his life and has a love affair with folk music. He brings a mix of traditional and self-penned songs.  

Simon Meakin is a singer songwriter from Oxford. While enjoying solo performances he has also gigged extensively with his band Beware this Boy. His songs are very much folk influenced and cover all manner of subjects. 

Furlong is a band made of Ellen, Fiona and Rod Macrae. Their style is folk, acoustic and some stuff in between; truly delightful. 

Sara Daniel's songwriting has evolved from a traditional English and Irish folk background to create a landscape from a world we all recognise, with images nature, ecological issues, refugee status or the simple delights of a favourite apple tree. 

Sue Graves, the 'Surrey Nightingale', well known solo performer and band member in Suntrap. Delightful . . what more can one say?

The Hiker is  Ian Kerr (Vocals/Guitar) and John Bowles (Guitar) who play original "Songs for the blessed and hard of hearing......". Usually electric, but tonight in true Peppard tradition, all acoustic. You can also find them on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube  and other streaming platforms. .

Hugh Spalding of Savour the Flavour who play polky, poppy, acoustiky music for polky people.  They concentrate on their own compositions but also play a lot of polky cover songs that you will know .

Robert Buttrick is a finger style guitarist and who has a blast on a harmonica every now and then. Often backed by Fay Freemantle and Mike Tuffery in The Rural Broadband!  (Photo: Mike Tuffery)

Kevin Bull a man with a golden voice, enormous range of songs all delivered in a captivating style.  Also in Out On Licence and Vagabond.

Malcolm Smith is an accomplished  fingerstyle guitarist and song-writer with a large repertoire of both covers and  his own songs, many from his travels.

John Short moved back to Reading from Colorado a few years ago and enjoys playing originals and covers in a folksy fingerpicking style (and occasional piano). His own songs have an old-fashioned simplicity but speak from the heart, often rooted in past experiences. 

Tikanni, is a three piece band, comprising of Jason, Annie and Ella, they play originals and 90s covers..influenced by life, they want the songs to sound genuine and easy on the ear. Relatively new to the scene, like all creative things the music will keep reforming. The sound is eclectic but laid back  

Peter Ivey is a fingerstyle guitarist with a vast range of songs to entertain. Often seen on Folk O'Clock.

Medlar Jam is a local duo consisting of Anne and Ed Edwards. They perform an eclectic mix of songs and tunes (folk, blues, jazz, pop, old easy listening favourites and more) using a range of instruments, including accordion, banjo, guitar, recorder and mandolin.

Dave King needs no introduction. . . he is very well known around a vast area of Didcot and Reading, looking for his camel while filling reams of books with self-penned songs and poems.

Alex Routledge is an acoustic singer and songwriter based in Farnham Royal, Bucks. His music combines intricate acoustic guitar work with heartfelt lyrics. 

Harlequin is Chris Hawes, Jon Clifton. Chris and Anya. Chris is well-known for running Goring Unplugged (highly recommended), but also not averse to taking to the stage himself.  

Wherewithal is a band of alt-pop tearaways; now an acoustic duo pitting their noisy inner indie-kid against grown up melodic folk sounds

Meddling Fox is a flexible combination of Moonlight Foxes, playing with Medlar Jam and Kevin Bull to bring a different sound and interpretation to the songs. 

Panic Man Dan (aka Dan Austin)  manages to fit in visits to us and other local venues, including Bunkfest, and never fails to entertain us with his thoughtful self-penned songs, some of which are on Spotify and Reverb

ARCK features Allan, Rich, Chris and Kerry.  They play covers of a selection of gentle sixties pop music and have been playing together, in and around Wokingham, over many years. They love harmonies and insist that the audience should join in whenever they can!!! 

Andy Mathewson is a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter. He plays some pre-War blues and ragtime, old Tin Pan Alley songs, a few standards and his own compositions. 

Christina Hogg singer-songwriter, lives by the river, lost a hat, went on holiday by mistake, spotted some birds, contemplated the view, had a cup of tea, went to the pictures alone, and sat around a fireside. . . that's where the songs come from. 

Sarah Knowles is from Didcot but is active far and wide, recently at The Mermaid Theatre, London at "Autism's Got Talent".  Singer song-writer and guitarist and great fun. You can also find her on YouTube.

Moonlight Foxes play self penned songs from their albums as well as covers . Great voices backed by a range of different instruments - talented! Features Fay Freemantle and Alan Lovegrove. On Spotify. (Photo: Sandra Buttrick)

Graham Swannell the Greenman of Folk  takes the spotlight on guitar and a Cappello . . . . with a strong voice!

Riverine  is Trevor (vocals and guitar) with Abbie (backing vocals and violin) who play original acoustic punk/rock songs!  

David Fenner is an award winning singer/songwriter who plays guitar and bouzouki. Festival appearances include Oxford, Millrace Fest Cambridge (Canada ), Whitby, Towersey and Sidmouth. His repertoire ranges from a Capella traditional to Tears for Fears.  .

Ben Lawrance plays wonderful self-penned songs often about animals and infrastructure. Hmmm. If you are arachnophobic, watch out! Listen to him on Bandcamp.

Paul Grant fell in love with Spanish guitar and in particular flamenco music on trips to Spain many years ago.  His love of the genre is still strong and he would love to share some of his favourite pieces with you  

Gail Hendrickx  has played all over Europe, been on TV and radio, been in jazz bands and supported some BIG names . . . and we are happy to have her entertain us here at Peppard

Laura Cherry Laura is a singer of shanties and unusual songs.

Dianne Smith  came all the way from Epsom to entertain us with her delicate and  enchanting songs.

Rory Gilbert, from the Kingston on Thames area, describes himself as more a song-writer than performer, but he certainly performed for us!

Ian Freedman is seen regularly at Peppard but this time, not just in the audience, nor as the MC or even on stage with the band, Ryewolf, but, tonight, playing a rare solo set for us. 

Jonny B is unique in the area; a performer of many 60s songs, done with great  energy and enthusiasm. Guaranteed to please!

Bruce Gomersall is well known in the local area as the resident at Nettlebed Folk Club as well as the MC for many festivals. He has had te privilege of supporting great names such as Show of Hands, Fairport Convention and Anthony John Clarke. 

Stu Weetman is well known in music circles in South Oxfordshire.

Ben Cosh is a singer-songwriter with the 'wow' factor with his combination of guitar, voice and lyrics . . . also known to play the piano.

Kris King is a singer-songwriter often seen and heard at Caversham Market on Sundays. As well as other venues in the area. A distinctive voice and fascinating, and often, amusing lyrics.

Phil Garvey likes to make people happy. Sometimes he says he succeeds, sometimes not, but says you’ve got to try, haven't you? He is known for loud shirts, loud hair and a loud voice. 

Jane Carroll fingerstyle guitarist who loves the stories behind the traditional songs she plays. She has a CD!

Colin Stark is well known in the  for the Hall of Sound show on Wallingford Radio 107.3 FM. A regular at events in the area with his Colin Stark Quintet which has elastic properties, being anything from just him to, well,  just about everyone in the room.

The Robsons perform both covers and their own songs, many of which are inspired by their time living in America.